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One of the nice things about working from home is that I get to see every commercial for every drug and personal healthcare product ever made.  For example, I'd bet that right now I can tell you the manufacturer of every toothpaste and oral rinse product on the store shelves today.  Although, after watching most of these ads, some of them come real close to making some extravagant exaggerations about what their products can do.  Every time one comes on TV now, my kids start calling me Rainman.  I'm thinking I had better turn the TV off before this gets out of hand.  We should all do something to better our lives, but we sometimes can't find the will power to do it.  What is the one thing you know you should do improve yourself, but you know you'll probably never do?  Write it down for your host and 15 points will be your at the end of Round 2 (before the Double Down Dare).

Mon, Jun 26, 2017